Clarity Consulting Services

Clarity Consulting Services

When we go through times of conflict, loss, and challenge, it is helpful to have someone who can accompany us through these difficulties. Friends and family may want to help, but they have their opinions and often they are involved emotionally in the situation. I am here to provide you with an attentive, open-minded companion as you  move along your path.

As the name Clarity Consulting suggests, I help you find clarity in your life. Each client comes to me with different needs and objectives, and I adapt my services accordingly. However, the primary foundation of all my services is listening. It is my core belief that being listened to is a deep human need.

What is it like to be listened to by Evan?

First and foremost, I offer my clients my full and undivided attention. You are the only thing I will be focusing on while we are talking.

You can talk to me about just about anything. I have talked to a lot of people in my life; a lot of very, very different people with all sorts of backgrounds, experiences, opinions, attitudes, etc… from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, and lots of places in between, female to male to transgendered, far left to centrist to far right. You name it: I’ve listened to all kinds of people.

I have talked to lots of people, and all of them, as upright and virtuous as they might seem, have their secrets, shadows, things that remain hidden at the bottom of their hearts, that they are too afraid, embarrassed, or ashamed to tell others. In this sense, you and I are no different. I will listen with an open mind to all you have to tell me.

In my opinion, the key to an effective listening experience is the construction of an appropriate space, a sacred listening space. Now, because I provide most of my services online through Skype, I am referring to a non-physical space. A sacred listening space is where you can have the undivided attention you need to discuss whatever your heart desires in a comfortable space that is free of judgment. It also involves a strict pledge of confidentiality. Whatever you tell me in this sacred space will remain in that space. Your identity and any personally identifiable information will remain a secret.

There is one exception to this confidentiality rule. If you tell me that you intend to cause harm to another person or put another person in danger, I am obliged as a human services provider and as a compassionate human being to do something about it.

What does Evan do other than listen?

However, I offer more than just listening. First of all, there’s one thing I’m particularly good at aside from listening. That’s asking questions. Sometimes we know that we want to talk about something, something that is eating us up inside, but we just don’t know how to put it into words. That’s ok. I can help you communicate what you are feeling and even help you develop a deeper understanding of your own thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions. My questions can be very powerful, and they can help you to peel away the layers of unconscious processes that underlie your actions.

Through my Power Questions, you can continue to discover the parts of yourself that lead you to the situations that occur in your life.

In addition to listening and asking power questions, there are a number of premium services I provide, if and when appropriate. Together, we can do the following:

  • guided visualizations
  • past life regression
  • guided meditation 

Through these techniques and others, you can delve deeper into the subconscious layers underlying your thoughts and actions and achieve a more profound clarity and understanding about your life.

  • Identify your goals and objectives.

In order to achieve our goals, it helps to have a clear vision of just what they are. However, we often only have a very vague idea about just what we want out of life. Let’s identify your goals together, so that we can then…

  • Put together step-by-step plans to achieve your goals.

Even when we have already clearly identified our goals, we might be overwhelmed by the thought of achieving them. Together, we can pinpoint specific, small, manageable steps you can take towards attaining your goals. Sometimes this requires a good deal of information gathering, so.

  • Explore the deeper meaning of your life. 
  • Connect more deeply with your spiritual purpose. 
  • Get more in touch with the radiant essence at your core. 


  • Look back at the path you have taken in life 
  • See the patterns and how they all fit together in the big picture 
  • Compile this information into a biographical text or a recorded interview
  • Figure out where to go next on your path
  • Learn about frameworks to make sense of your life situations
  • Discover approaches/techniques/modalities to make the most of your situation
  • Use language as a tool for healing and development

Taking advantage of my background in language education and linguistics, we can bring awareness to your use of language and how it both reflects and shapes the way your think. We can then use that to help you continue growing and developing in a positive direction.

  • Raise your awareness in all areas of life 
What tools/approaches does Evan use?

Here is a selection of some of them:

  • The Enneagram 
  • Integral Theory 
  • Meditation 
  • Metaphor 
  • NLP 
  • Regression 
  • Relaxation 
  • Symbolism 
  • Visualisation
What about Evan’s input/opinions/viewpoint?

I’ve had a diverse range of experiences, I’ve lived in very different cultural contexts, and I have met all sorts of people, so I actually have a range of viewpoints to offer you. So, if you are interested in hearing my opinion, and ask for it, I can share it. Or I can even tell you what another person or group of people might say about your situation. Or, if you’d like, I can simply listen to you.
Same goes for information about me. If you want to know something about me, and ask, I might tell you. But if you don’t want to know anything about me, I can remain anonymous. It’s up to you. I do believe that in a certain sense, the answers are all within you. However, I also believe that hearing . Maybe I will tell you my opinion, and then you will experience an immediate adverse reaction to it. That’s great – maybe your soul is telling you that you need to keep looking for a different answer. That means you are one step closer to defining your own answer, through a process of elimination.

What can you talk to Evan about?

You can talk to me about almost anything, however generally most people want to talk about one of the following topics:

  • Relationships with others 
  • Friendship 
  • Love 
  • Work 
  • Sex 
  • Social situations 
  • Exclusion 
  • Hopes 
  • Dreams 
  • Fears 
  • Challenges 
  • Spirituality
  • Life meaning 
  • The past
  • The future
How much do Evan’s Clarity Consulting services cost?

When you contact me for the first time, we will have a brief consultation to determine your needs and whether it would be a good match for us to work together. This consultation is free of charge. At the end of the consultation, we will decide on the price for my Clarity Consulting services.

I am a Professional Listener because this is one of my callings/tasks in life — therefore, I am committed to the philosophy that everyone in need should be able to have access to my services. Cost should not be an obstacle to you receiving the services you need — I determine my prices on a sliding scale and they are negotiable based on your current financial situation.

As a benchmark, my standard price is 60 USD per hour. If you are in a difficult situation, you can pay less. I generally recommend 2% of your monthly income as a rough guide.

If you are happy with my services and you are in a good financial situation, please consider making a solidarity contribution above and beyond the standard rate. This allows me to continue providing reduced-cost services for those in need who do not have the means to pay the standard rate.

How long do Evan’s Clarity Consulting services last?

In most cases, each session lasts for one hour and we have one session per week. This can be adjusted depending on your individual circumstances.

I ask clients to make a commitment for three months of weekly sessions. At its foundation, Clarity Consulting involves self-observation and the development of consciousness, and this is a constantly developing process. Each person’s situation is unique and it is impossible to say how long any given client will need to progress, however I find that three months is a good initial commitment.

At the end of three months, we can have an evaluation session where you look back on your progress and we decide together if we will continue for another three months, etc.