Crisis update

Hi everyone!…Here is an overview of the events of the last month or so. Those of you who read Roxy’s updates have a much more detailed picture of the situation (of course), but as I prefer the big picture, I … Continue reading

Life in Lemurland II

Is it possible you have missed the 100-page-long dissertations from WorldPilgrim? If so, you’re in luck…Hello everyone, it’s been quite a while since I last wrote, in part because I have very limited internet access here, but also because we … Continue reading

Back from the dead!

I’m back from the dead (or at least the nether regions of subterranean-Blogworld). After 39 weeks (officially according to LiveJournal) of reclusive, anti-social, non-blog activity, I am kicking myself in the arse to get back in the swing. I envy … Continue reading

Finally, an update…

I apologize in advance, ’cause this is a long one! … Soooo, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the world as to my status. But the last few weeks have been pretty hectic so I have a good excuse. First … Continue reading

Lucifer, oh Lucifer

Ok, to catch up on the last few weeks/months…. Ronda and I got a scooter (moped/motor bike, etc.)! It was something we really need, because our school is an hour walk from the nearest downtown area. Most of the teachers … Continue reading

Marital bliss in Hanguk

Hey guys and gals! Here’s an update on the last several weeks in the life of WorldPilgrim! Ronda and I got married on September 22. I was amazed by what a bureaucratic legality it was…we went to the American embassy, where we … Continue reading

Greetings from the land of Kim-chi

Ronda and I are in South Korea teaching English to sixth grade students. The facility is really cool. It is sort of a camp where they come and stay overnight for a week, and then a new group comes. All … Continue reading

Odd conversations 2

Another crazy conversation at the Chinese restaurant. I was discussing with the Chinese cook the fact that Ronda’s car broke down. Cook: I’ll buy it for 1000 dollars. WorldPilgrim: No, that’s ridiculous, it’s too little! Ronda still owes 7000 on … Continue reading

Odd conversations

Sometimes at work at the Chinese restaurant, I feel as if I’m in the Twilight Zone. I mean the conversations can be a little bit odd at times. Some examples: 1. Chinese cook: Do you watch football (soccer) WorldPilgrim? WorldPilgrim: … Continue reading

Adventures in Chinese food

I am currently working at a Chinese restaurant in Greensboro, as a driver and all-around help. When I am not delivering I basically do anything they ask me to, from serving the eat-in customers to chopping and peeling vegetables, to … Continue reading