Lychees and anchors

A few days ago, I was in the supermarket in Leipzig browsing the fruit section, hoping to find one of my favorite fruits, either blueberries, persimmons, or mangoes, when to my surprise I saw a box labeled “Lychees – Origin: … Continue reading

The illusion of demarcation

As I reflected on the topic of my last blog post, outward focus vs. inward focus, my thoughts wandered and I thought about the strange way we humans tend to put fixed borders on a world which is essentially a … Continue reading

Outward focus vs. inward focus

In my last blog post, I wrote about the difference between patient reflection and procrastination. Writing about this topic led me to contemplate a recent example of this dichotomy in my life:   For a long time, I had planned … Continue reading

Reflection or procrastination?

This is my first blog entry since starting my website to expand my Clarity Consulting services from physical space into cyberspace. Because of that, I find it appropriate at this time to reflect a bit on the subject of … Continue reading